Remaining independent in your own home.

We are finding that many families today are preferring to take care of each other and the ‘stay at home’ option for the elderly, people with disabilities and also people who have had operations and are in recovery is becoming a popular choice. After all, we spend years making our homes the perfect haven for ourselves so why would we want to give it up after all this time? Surely during this time it is essential for us to feel relaxed and happy in our own environment. Research is now starting to show that the recovery rates and mental wellbeing are more successful in the patient’s own environment. For many people, especially the elderly, having the option to ‘stay in their home’ symbolizes independence and freedom. It enables them to keep alive memories and familiarity.

If people are starting to find staying mobile around their own home challenging we feel that a stairlift could be the right choice for you. It would enable you to keep enjoying the home that you have created, with the memories still to be enjoyed in the freedom of your own living room with a cup of tea and a biscuit.