Happy St. George’s Day

Happy St. George's Day

Hello everyone, and happy St. George’s Day! Today, as we celebrate our English heritage, let’s take a moment to shine a light on something close to home: Sykes Stairlifts and their commitment to English craftsmanship.


In a world where things are constantly changing, it’s nice to have something reliable and local. Sykes Stairlifts, nestled right here in England, embodies this reliability with their dedication to quality stairlifts.


What makes Sykes Stairlifts stand out isn’t just their quality products, but their understanding of what their customers need. They’re not just selling stairlifts; they’re providing solutions for people who need a bit of help getting around their homes safely and comfortably.


So, as we raise a glass to St. George and all things English today, let’s also raise our awareness of the craftsmanship that’s right in our backyard. And if you ever find yourself in need of a stairlift, remember that Sykes Stairlifts is there, proudly offering English-made solutions. Cheers to St. George, cheers to England, and cheers to Sykes Stairlifts – keeping us moving with quality and care. making sure you have a happy St George’s day.


A New Start with Sykes Stairlifts

Did you know…

There are big cost savings to be made, with a local stairlift company. You can expect to pay hundreds of pounds just for a call out with our national competitors whereas our fee is still a modest £75. There are savings to be made on:

  • Our new & reconditioned stairlifts
  • Stairlift servicing
  • Stairlift repairs

Opting for a local stairlift company is by no means a compromise on quality, we are a Which Trusted Trader and also have hundreds of real customer testimonials.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to start a conversation about a stairlift this Spring.


Sykes Stairlifts Which Trusted Trader for the last 7 years.