How did you climb your stairs today?


Are you still in the capacity of getting up and down the stairs without a second thought?

You realise you have forgotten something when walking out the door and can quickly nip back up the stairs to retrieve it with no problems. Or are you the one who grimaces at the thought of having to trudge back up the stairs again?

If you are the first person than great for you but if you are the second person then perhaps its time to start thinking about how you climbed the stairs today…

  1. Did you reach the bottom of the staircase and start climbing them without a break? Or did you reach the bottom, stopped and took a big long look at them and thought ‘this is going to be difficult’?
  2. Did you climb the stairs hands free, could you manage your washing basket of a handful of toiletries at the same time? Or have you had to have assistance, climb one step at a time and use the bannister for help?
  3. Did you reach the top without a moments thought and carried on straight to where you needed to be or did you stop when you had reached the top to gather your breath?
  4. Did you climb the stairs in one go or had to stop for breaks? Are you feeling any discomfort in your knee, hips or joints?
  5. Did you feel safe climbing the stairs? Did you have any moments of dizziness or breathlessness?
  6. Did you plan your day today around using your staircase?

If you can identify with any of the above bullet points than perhaps your body is trying to tell you than you may need some assistance in getting up and down the staircase.