How energy efficient is a stairlift?

With the massive increase in energy costs, you might be worried how a stairlift will impact your bill, we can put your mind at ease.

Let’s face it, energy bills are at the forefront of everybody’s minds this winter so if you are considering adding a stairlift to your home you may be concerned with how much extra electricity one is going to use. On average, it’s estimated that a stairlift will make 14 journeys per day up and down the stairs. The good news is, those 14 journeys might cost you far less than you think.

The technology that a stairlift consists of has advanced rapidly in recent years, making them far more efficient in many ways. One of those ways is how energy efficient they are. It’s the same kind of progress as you will see in the energy consumption and energy efficiency ratings on appliances such as fridges, freezers, and dishwashers – things that I imagine you don’t even question using throughout your daily life.


How much does it cost to run a stairlift?

Most modern stairlifts are powered by rechargeable batteries, specifically developed to be as energy efficient as possible. Once the battery is fully charged by the mains power, you stairlift will only draw its power from that depending upon your set up preference. What does this mean in real terms for the cost you might be wondering. A modern stairlift uses on average around 24 watts per hour to run on and based on the energy prices at this moment in time you will still likely be looking at under £15 per year to power one. Now compare this to a washing machine for example which uses in the region of 700 watts per hour to run; you can see just how minimal the power usage is compared to your other appliances.


A worthwhile cost?

Now that you’ve seen the figures, we hope that you’ll agree that the cost of powering a stairlift, even in these uncertain times, certainly isn’t off putting. Especially when you trade that cost off against the massive difference a stairlift can make to your life. For less money than it costs to boil a kettle throughout the year, a stairlift gives you the independence to not just stay in your own home but access the whole property safely. Seeing these costs written down often helps our potential customers to decide on whether to install a stairlift. It is also important to remember that whilst cost should factor into it, giving yourself that independence back in your own home is often found to be invaluable for both the stairlift user and concerned relatives and close friends.


How can Sykes Stairlifts help?

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