It’s never been so important to stay safe in your home

The combination of ambulance strikes, massive waiting times & the NHS stretched to capacity means that taking your safety into your own hands has never been so important.

These are unprecedented times, never have we experienced such a strained NHS, with ambulance and A&E services posted their worst figures in recorded history in December. Unfortunately, these figures don’t seem like they will be improving any time soon with lack of investment and staff pay disputes on-going.

There has been no end of media stories about people’s recent experiences with the NHS after incidents like falls. Only the other day we read about a 90-year-old grandmother who had to wait for 23 hours for an ambulance after she fell down the stairs and broke her hip. When this poor woman finally got an ambulance and arrived at hospital, she had to wait inside the ambulance for four hours before being treated. You can read more about this terrible story here. Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated incident with many people experiencing similar outcomes.  The sad reality of this is that these lengthy waits do lead to an increased number of deaths and further complications. Not that there ever is a good time to have a fall in the home but now really is a very bad time to experience one.

The question is, what can you do to minimise the risk of you or a loved one having to use the stretched NHS services during this difficult time? According to the British Standard Institute, there are over 500 deaths per year in the UK and an estimated 250,000 non-fatal accidents from stair-related incidents. Luckily, if you’re finding the stairs a challenge or feeling unsettled about them, there is a solution – having a modern stairlift installed into your home!

A stairlift will make both going up and coming down far easier and most importantly, safer. It only takes one bad fall to cause serious, irreparable damage so please consider your safety if it is in question. It’s not just the stairlift user who benefits, concerned family or friends can also feel massive relief knowing that the stairs no longer pose a significant risk.

How can Sykes Stairlifts help?

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As well as offering new and refurbished stairlifts we can:

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