How to keep your stairlift well maintained

What to do and what not to do to keep your stairlift in tip top condition.

In our experience a well maintained stairlift will last for many years without issues affecting its functionality.

If you’ve bought a stairlift it’s likely that you use it multiple times a day and rely on it functioning correctly to move around your residence safely. Due to its importance, it’s imperative that you report any issues in the first instance. If there is a problem, ignoring it could result in bigger problems occurring further down the line. Once you become a regular user of a stairlift you’ll become accustomed to how it should feel and sound when operating normally – so anything out of the ordinary should become apparent quite quickly.

The way in which you use, treat and maintain your stairlift will play a big part in its longevity. it is important to keep your stairlift well maintained by following these tips:

  • Do keep the rails on your stairlift free from obstruction
  • Do ensure the rails remain as dust-free as possible by cleaning with a dry clothonce a week (a hose attachment for a vacuum cleaner can also help with hard to reach areas) – we’d recommend that this is not done by the user to avoid time spent on the stairs if mobility is an issue
  • Do read the manual before any vigorous cleaning – using solvents, bleaches or abrasive cleaners can cause corrosion and damage
  • Owning a pet and a stairlift is completely fine – however ensure your pets hair does not clog in the rails
  • Do not allow children to play on the stairlift or with the controls
  • Do not exceed the maximum weight limit of your stairlift
  • Do not use the stairlift for anything other than its intended purpose
  • If the lift has a trailing cable, do ensure it is neatly kept out of the way to prevent tripping hazards to staircase users
  • Ensure your stairlift is serviced regularly – this is the major factor to ensure a long healthy lifespan. If you purchased a stairlift from new it should be serviced annually or if you have a reconditioned stairlift 6-month intervals would be favourable

Keeping on top of the above recommendations should lead to fewer problems that would require the services of an emergency engineer.

Does your stairlift require maintenance?

Whether or not you purchased a stairlift from us we’re happy to offer advice, carry out emergency callouts or arrange scheduled servicing. We are a ‘Which? Trusted Trader’ family run business based in Sheffield and have been established for over 30 years.

We can:

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