Make the most out of 2021 with a Stairlift

As 2020 draws to a close discover how 2021 could be a much better year with the assistance of a stairlift.

There’s no sugar-coating it, 2020 has been a challenging year both physically and mentally. For those struggling with their stairs the isolation of being in lockdown for many months will have been especially tough. Research by Age UK found that being closeted away at home for long periods has left significant numbers of older people with reduced mobility and experiencing deconditioning, muscle weakness, and joint pain. Day-to-day activities, such as going upstairs or washing, have suddenly become difficult, and previously independent older people have become reliant on walking aids to move short distances, which they used to managed with ease. 1 in 5 (2.3 million) or 18% say they feel less steady on their feet.

Although it might not seem it just yet, there is light at the end of what has been a very dark tunnel. With the news of a second approved vaccine the UK should be on track for a ‘new normal’ in 2021. With this new feeling of optimism and the hopes of ditching the facemasks, you could also extend this newfound freedom within your own home. A stairlift is the perfect home adaptation to ensure your home is a safe and accessible environment.

Sykes Stairlifts believes this is how you can make the most of 2021 with the installation of a stairlift:

Regain your independence

A stairlift is a great solution that can give you back your independence. You shouldn’t feel confined to your downstairs. Many people suffer in silence and avoid the use of their stairs when there is really no need to.

Stay in your home for longer

It’s a simple home adaptation, yet it can be the difference between managing in your own home or having to move to somewhere that doesn’t have stairs. Avoid the stress and upheaval of having to move with a stairlift.

Peace of mind

A stairlift can give you, your loved ones and friends peace of mind that you will be safer in your own home. They can be essential in case of an emergency and will make a terrific difference to how accessible your home is.

Take control

Take control of your situation in 2021. With 1 in 5 (2.3 million) saying they feel less steady on their feet – why wait until it becomes a problem? Take action, make your home safer and get real peace of mind. The process is very simple and quick and you may be pleasantly surprised by how neat and tidy a modern stairlift looks.

Do you feel like you are starting to feel the strain from climbing the stairs? Our recent blog article ‘Signs that it may be time to install a stairlift’ could help you decide. There’s no reason to struggle, we’d love to discuss with you how we could help.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a friendly, no pressure chat about your current situation. Sykes Stairlifts are a family run business and have been established for over 35 years, trading from our Woodseats, Sheffield showroom.

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The whole team at Skyes Stairlifts hopes you had a wonderful Christmas and we hope you have a happy and healthy New Year.