The only way is UP!

The thought process of aging can be fairly challenging but with recent studies being published, the way we look upon aging is starting to change. Did you know that 70% of how we age inside and out is based on lifestyle choices and the other is 30% are genetics?

According to The Office for National Statistics research, 65 to 79 is the happiest age group for adults. A survey carried out over more than 300,000 adults across the UK found life satisfaction, happiness and feeling life was worthwhile all peaked within this age bracket. Is 70 now becoming the new 60?

Can a stairlift add to that happiness?

Yes!! We feel it can as it enables you to feel comfortable in your own home. When first thinking about having a stairlift installed it can be seen as a bit of a failure. But it’s not!! A few aches and pains here and there might make you dread walking up and down the stairs, visiting the bathroom, missing out on a cup of tea in bed! A stairlift can change all that. A stairlift can provide a great deal of freedom and independence, and can mean that there’s no need to move house into a bungalow, or convert other rooms or even build an extension. A stairlift can be fitted quickly and easily in a few hours so that the inconvenience is minimal allowing you to regain the use of all your house.

So don’t let the aging process get you down. Turn the negative into a positive and think ‘The only way really is Up!’