Giving back to the Community

It has been a while since our last blog so I though it would be good to touch base and keep our customers updated with what has been going on.

Over the last year our business has continued to grow. We still work to our ethos which is that we are a local family business and our customers always come first. We have continued to deliver a high standard of service. We really do not like to leave any customer immobile in their own homes and any customers that have encountered any problems with their stairlift we have been able to get out to them straight away. This past year we have seen an influx in installations. We hope that our reputation is serving us well and word is getting around at how we like to treat our customers. With a few tweaks here and there we are now able to install stairlifts a lot quicker from when the customer has picked up the phone. In some cases we have been able to install the same day. We feel that is great service!

As a result of the business doing well we have wanted to put back into local events ourselves. We have sponsored a couple of the local showjumping competitions at Stubley Hollow in Dronfield. Stubley Hollow is a livery yard and has just been bought by a lovely family who are familiar with the equestrian world. They are putting a lot of time, effort and money into building the yard back to its former self. I also have a keen interest in horses (some may say this is where our logo originated from) and this is where I keep mine. We felt it was nice from one local business to another to show some support and sponsor a couple of the competitions.

We have also just recently teamed up with Smile at Lightwood Ponies. These ladies are great! They have a team of miniature Shetland ponies who they train and take the ponies to places such as Nursing Homes, Hospices and places alike. Therapeutic horsemanship benefits a wide range of adults and children. We sponsor an outing once a month and we were very lucky to get out with Leo and Lynn to visit the Rotherham Parent Carers forum. They are the parents of autistic children and meet every alternate Tuesdays at The Wacky Warehouse in Rotherham. The children were able to pat, brush, cuddle and lead Leo around. He brought them great delight and we felt proud as a business to be able to provide that for them!

Lovely Leo
Lovely Leo