The top three forms of stairlift pressure selling revealed in Which? survey

A recent survey by Which? found that four in 10 customers felt pressure when buying their stairlift and has revealed the top three questionable sales tactics.

For many people enquiring about a stairlift, understandably it can feel like a very vulnerable time. Potential buyers should be able to get multiple no obligation quotes to ensure they are getting the best deal, whilst experiencing a high level of customer service. Sadly though, a recent survey has revealed that is not the case for many buyers.

Which? surveyed stairlift customers to find out how much pressure they felt when they were being sold their stairlift. We know that pressure selling is a problem in many industries however even we were shocked to learn that the average percentage across all companies of people being surveyed feeling some pressure was 44%. Just under half of all respondents felt pressured by some of the most prominent names within the industry.

Some of the most noteworthy finding from the report were that:

  • 74% of Age UK customers felt some pressure, and 16% said they felt a lot of pressure
  • 55% of Companion customers said they felt pressure
  • So did 54% of Acorn customers
  • And 50% of Dolphin Lifts customers

The top three forms of stairlift pressure selling were also revealed:

  • Many respondents felt pressured to make an immediate decision and being asked to pay a deposit that same day
  • Overwhelmingly people felt they were upsold extra warranty and care packages that they didn’t understand or need
  • Lastly, they felt pressurised to buy from only that company without the option to look at any alternatives.

An interesting figure that came out of the survey was that a significantly lower 15% of people who bought from an independent or authorised dealer said they felt pressure was applied.


Can Sykes Stairlifts help?

We offer free, non-obligatory and of course NO PRESSURE quotations. We will not put any of our customers under any kind of pressure for an answer straight away and most importantly we would never ask for a deposit in your house. This is a definite no-no in our code of conduct and not how we would treat our customers.

Our installation service has successfully met the professional assessment standard to become a Which? Trusted Trader and we are committed to abide by the Which? Trusted Traders’ Code of Conduct.

We are a family run business and have been established for over 30 years, trading from our Woodseats showroom in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. We ensure great value on all of our stairlift products, so why not get in touch with our friendly and helpful team.