When is the best time to get a stairlift?

Do you forward plan or wait until you’re in need of a stair aid? We discuss the time to start thinking about having a stairlift installed.

As a local independent stairlift company we are regularly contacted by customers in need of a stairlift. For the most part every customer’s situation is unique, and they have approached us at a time when they feel ready to discuss the possibility of a stairlift. This got us thinking though, when exactly is the best time to get a stairlift?

We meet many people who realistically could have done with installing a stairlift much earlier. Unfortunately, many people still see stairlifts as a loss of independence however this couldn’t be further from the truth. This brilliant stair aid can actually give you so much more independence back within your own home. Struggling with a loss of mobility and holding out as long as possible until you’re in desperate need of help can take a physical and emotional toll on the body. Many people start to avoid using the stairs due to their increasing difficulty which in turn limits their movement within their home – this can lead to a loss of routine, a further reduction in mobility and feelings of isolation. So, we’d not recommend letting it get to this point to start thinking about a stairlift. Age UK have recently revealed that due to the Pandemic, 10% (around 1.6 million) of older people who had previously been able to get up and down the stairs were now finding it difficult. If you are starting to find the stairs increasingly difficult, starting to plan ahead could take some of the strain off your body and ease your anxieties.

Does the subject of your mobility come into conversation frequently with your loved one or family? If your mobility and overall safety is in question, then this is a good indication that it’s time to think about a stair aid. The worry of a family member falling down the stairs when you are not there to help them is immense and can take an emotional toll on them as well.

If you are awaiting a surgery or medical procedure that could reduce your mobility temporarily then it’s also worth having a chat about a stairlift in advance. Even if you don’t purchase or hire one before the procedure then should you need one afterwards you would have sped up the process by already knowing which type is suitable for the stairs in your home.

So, with that all said, we believe that the best time to enquire or purchase a stairlift is as soon as you start to find stairs becoming increasingly difficult or know that you’ll be in a position where a stair aid is necessary. Please don’t attempt to hold out until it becomes unsafe to go up or down your stairs. A stairlift will make your life so much easier and will put yours and your families mind at ease.

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