Stairlift features to look out for and why you need them

Features you NEED to have on the stairlift you purchase or hire.

Just like any purchase you make, you’ll want to ensure that you are getting the best value for the money you are spending. A good indicator you are getting this with a stairlift is by checking the features it has. Some of the features we mention in this article will make your life with your new stairlift much easier:

Safety cut-out sensors on carriage and footrest

These sensors are strategically placed so that they detect any obstructions left on the stairs and if they do find any they will stop the stairlift from going any further. This ensures the safety of the lift user and any stair users.

A locking swivel seat

Ideally you want a stairlift that has a swivel seat that locks in either 45° or 90° position. This makes getting on and off the stairlift much easier and more comfortable. Once turned, the swivel seat also acts as a safety barrier at the top of the stairs.

Ergonomically designed joystick

You should opt for a joystick that requires minimal effort to use. An ergonomically designed joystick will give you that.

Digital diagnostic display in arm

Having a clear and easy to read display on your stairlift ensures that you can check it’s status regularly and should a fault occur you can contact your provider at the first instance.

Retractable reel seatbelt

You will want a heavy duty, retractable reel seatbelt to always ensure maximum safety.

A smooth ride

You want a stairlift that operates as smoothly and quietly as possible without any jolts or unnecessary noise.

A sleek, slimline design

Ideally a stairlift should blend into your home and not detract aesthetically. You can achieve this with a modern, slimline stairlift that is most appropriate for your staircase.

There are savings to be made on:

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