Why choose a stairlift provider in South Yorkshire who has a showroom?

When shopping around for a stairlift in South Yorkshire, choosing a provider with a showroom you can visit can help you with your decision process.

If you’ve started your search for a stairlift then you might be wondering, where do I start? There are many options available to you such as opting for a national company who serves the whole of the UK or choosing to deal with a local company. When making your choice, it may serve you well to consider which companies have a showroom that you can physically visit.

Visiting a stairlift showroom can help with the decision process when it comes to choosing a product and indeed, which company you wish to purchase from.

Below are some great reasons why you should visit a showroom to help with your purchase:

Try before you buy

A stairlift is a considerable purchase so it makes sense to physically sit in some to get a feel for what you are looking for. This will give you a good indication of what you are most looking for in a stairlift. Plus, a member of staff can demonstrate how they work and what the features are.


Easier to ask questions

It sounds obvious but it’s far easier to ask any questions that pop into your mind in person compared to when you’re dealing with someone on the phone or by email. A company representative should have no problem with you asking as many questions as you’d like to help make your decision.


Get a feel for the company

When you visit a showroom, you shouldn’t be just assessing the stairlifts themselves, you should assess the service you receive whilst you are there. How was your customer experience? Try to gauge how knowledgeable the company seem about their products, how organised they seem and in what way they try to sell to you. If a company seems overly pushy in their approach for you to spend more money than necessary, that’s always a red flag.


Personable experience

When dealing with a faceless national company the service you receive can seem really impersonable. Visiting a showroom can give you the opportunity to receive a truly personal service.


Local prices

When you choose to opt for a local company, you will often or not find yourself paying local prices rather than an inflated national price.


Why not visit our showroom in South Yorkshire?

We are a family run business and have been established for over 30 years, trading from our Woodseats showroom in Sheffield and storing many of our stairlifts and stairlift parts at our workshop, situated very close to Meadowhall. We welcome potential customers to arrange a visit to our showroom to discuss how we can help find the perfect stairlift for them and their situation.

You can view our range of new and reconditioned stairlifts here.

Feel free to contact us to arrange a visit to our showroom.