5 considerations when looking for a stairlift in South Yorkshire

If you’re in the market for a stairlift in South Yorkshire, here are some helpful things to consider when choosing the right company to use.

When it comes to finding the right company to use for supplying and installing a stairlift it can seem daunting. You might be asking yourself, where do I start? What do I ask? How do I know this is the right company for me? Luckily, there are some considerations that should help you narrow it down.

Firstly, you should probably ask yourself if you want to opt for a local company or a national brand. National brands obviously have that household ‘reputation’ but with that comes a cost and some may argue a less personal approach. If you choose a local company within South Yorkshire you should be looking at more reasonable prices and connect on a more personal level.

Here are our 5 considerations when choosing a stairlift company:

Are they established?

When researching a potential stairlift company, use all the resources available to you to see how established they are. The first place to look is usually their website. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece but if they’ve put the effort in to properly showcase their business and products that’s a good start. Ask questions such as how long have you been trading since, how many installs do you do a year? Etc. to give you a good indication of their position.

Have they got a showroom?

Having a showroom to visit to discuss stairlift options and try some out for size will give you the confidence that you’re purchasing the right stairlift for you. After all, they are expensive items so it’s worth getting it right. This will also give you a good indication of how they operate if it’s a professional and calm environment.

Do they have a reputation?

You’re going to want to choose a company that has a proven reputation (not just based on their opinion of themselves). The best way to find this out is look for Google reviews and Facebook reviews. Also look out for things like Which? And Trust Pilot.  Finding out past customer experiences will be invaluable in your search.

Can they cater for your stairs?

Depending on the shape of your stairs you will need a specific stairlift. It’s crucial that a company can confidently guide you to find the right product for your individual staircase. If they don’t ask you about if it’s straight or curved, then that’s a red flag!


What is their sales approach like?

Once you make first contact it’s crucial that you don’t feel like the company are trying to pressure you into a sale or make you spend more money than you must. It’s always sensible to get a few quotes to check prices aren’t way off. If you say you want time to think things through and they respect that then that is a promising indication that they care about their customers experiences.


How can Sykes Stairlifts help?

We are a family run business and have been established for over 30 years serving the people of South Yorkshire and beyond with stairlift services. We have a fantastic selection of new and reconditioned stairlifts available to buy and to hire and our dedicated team are here to help you service your stairlift and replace parts if needed.

We trade from our Woodseats showroom in Sheffield and store many of our stairlifts and stairlift parts at our workshop, situated very close to Meadowhall. We pride ourselves on providing a national quality service with a local price – we haven’t put our prices up in over 5 years! You can expect to pay hundreds of pounds just for a call out with our national competitors whereas our fee is still a modest £70.

You can see our customers experiences by looking at our Google reviews, Facebook reviews and our Which? trusted trader profile.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a friendly, no pressure chat about your current situation.