How a stairlift can be life changing

Life changing is a big statement, yet that’s exactly how many of our customers describe their new stairlift.

For some people (of all ages), the stairs can become too difficult to navigate due to injury, limited mobility, weakened muscles or lack of stability. As a result, the stairs at home become a daily hassle and are eventually avoided.

Until you’re in the position of needing a stairlift it can be hard to imagine just how useful this innovation is. For many though, it is a vital tool that benefits users in a number of ways. Here are the ways our customers tell us that a stairlift changes their lives:


Gives back independence

Having to wait for assistance from family, friends, or care givers to help you up the stairs can feel like a real loss of independence, especially when these people can’t be on hand 24/7. When you have a stairlift installed then you’ll be able to manage the stairs yourself without any assistance giving you the freedom to go upstairs whenever you choose.

Allows the user to utilise their whole house again

When stairs become a challenge, you can quickly find yourself isolated to just the downstairs of a property. Some people in this position then start to live out of the rooms that are available to them for example turning a downstairs room into a bedroom. Installing a stairlift means that you can start to utilise your whole house again.

Makes the stairs safe again

If you are suffering from limited mobility, weakened muscles or lack of stability then the stairs can be a dangerous place. Many people alter the way they go up and down the stairs to compensate for how they’re struggling however this too can be even more dangerous. When you introduce a stairlift you are ensuring you go up and down the stairs the safest way possible.

Positive impact on physical and mental health

Struggles with stairs can lead to anxiety and depression as you feel isolated to just a certain area of your home. Adding a stairlift into the equation can combat this. Plus, being able to move around the whole house again will introduce more gentle exercise into your day which will also help your physical health.

No need to downsize to a bungalow

If your home isn’t appropriate for your needs anymore then you may be considering downsizing to a bungalow. The problem with this is that a property move is very expensive, stressful and time – consuming. Not to mention that bungalows are in very short supply so you may struggle to find one in a suitable area. With a stairlift there’s no need to commit to such a major change.

Peace of mind for family and friends

Difficulty using the stairs doesn’t just affect the individual, it also has an impact on the people around you. Family and friends can feel immense stress and worry when they aren’t around about your safety. Choosing a stairlift can make the world of difference for their peace of mind as well.


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