Five reasons to have a stairlift installed…

Five reasons to have a stairlift installed – As we start to get older, we start to experience signs of ageing. The ageing process isn’t exactly ideal and we all will at some point in our lives start to feel the aches, pains and the usual grumbles of life. When you get up from the sofa after watching a bit of television, perhaps for a toilet trip or to go to bed and you find yourself dreading the walk up the stairs….then that’s the time to consider a stairlift. Here are five reasons you should…..

1-Independence. You will gain full access to your home again. No more sleeping downstairs. Access to your bathroom. You will gain back your independence.

2-Safety. Balance can be of concern and there could be a high chance of falling if you are using a walking stick or handrails. A stairlift would provide safety and piece of mind to yourself and family members when getting up and down the stairs.

3-Ease with pain. If you are somebody suffering from arthritis, osteoarthritis or have had an operation of some kind it can be quite painful to tackle the stairs. A walk up the stairs can perhaps trigger off a flare up in an arthritic patient. A stairlift can ease that pain.

4-Relieve pressure on relationships. A stairlift can also help with husbands/wives/sons and daughters/carers meaning that they no longer have to cope with the mental stress and pressure on their bodies trying to get loved ones up and down the stairs.

5-Washing!! Yes!! You can put your washing on it. Many of our female (and perhaps one or two gents) have been known to put their washing basket on the stairlift and use the remote controller to get it to and from the washing machine.

And that is our Five reasons to have a stairlift installed guide – hope you found this useful.