The Service That We Provide…


Here at Sykes Stairlifts, what is most important to us are our customers. From the moment you pick up the phone our aim is to put your needs first.

So, you have reached the point where you now know you need a stairlift. This can be for several reasons, but each reason is an important one and matters to us dearly. You may have found out about our company via the website, recommendations (one of our customers overheard a couple talking about us over a pint in the pub!), neighbours, Facebook, or local advertising. Whichever way you have our number and you have given us a ring. This is what you should expect.

Either myself or my Dad will answer the phone. We manage the phone calls between us. Our working hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm. After 4pm weekdays and during the weekend we divert the phone line onto one of our mobile phones so we can answer all calls in case there is an emergency.

From speaking to you over the phone we can access your situation, find out relevant information and get you booked in for a home survey. This is free, non-obligatory and of course NO PRESSURE.

We will not put any of our customers under any kind of pressure for an answer straight away and most importantly we would never ask for a deposit in your house. This is a definite no-no in our code of conduct and not how we would treat our customers.

At a home visit we will talk you through options, what would benefit you the most and how the stairlift would be fitted into your home. You will receive a quotation via post or email. We like to give our customers time to process our options, talk to family and perhaps get a few more quotes from different companies. We are quietly confident that we provide the best service for the best price in our area. It is then up to you to decide and give us a call.

If you decide that a stairlift is for you and we are the company to provide that for you then great! Myself or my Dad will book you in for an installation. The installation usually takes a couple of hours by our engineers. They have worked with us for over ten years so they are trusted, experienced and tidy! On completion of the stairlift installation you will be handed an invoice. There are many ways you can pay. You can pay the engineers there and then and will receive a temporary receipt. You can choose to post a cheque through to the office or you can do a bank transfer. Once payment is complete you will receive a warranty letter through the post sent by myself.

When your warranty is due to expire you will receive a letter sent by myself discussing options that are available to you. Our aftercare service is quick, responsive and value for money. Under no circumstances will you receive any form of cold calling. We understand that our customers can be vulnerable, lonely, and perhaps suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s. We do not use aggressive sales tactics and do not want to put our customers under any kind of pressure into buying something they may or may not fully understand or want.