Going down the stairs is more dangerous than going up

Do you realise that going down the stairs is far more dangerous that going up them?

When thinking of somebody struggling to use stairs you would be forgiven for believing that going up is where the most problems occur when in fact for most people it’s actually the complete opposite.

The overwhelming majority of people who struggle using stairs suffer from ‘musculoskeletal’ conditions such as arthritis. This is where pain and inflammation in the joints (particularly impacting the weight-bearing joints) such as hips, knees and ankles make mobility painful, slow and generally just difficult. Don’t get us wrong, going up stairs is a struggle for people who suffer from this condition however it can be achieved safely with some time and patience. However, it is coming down that applies the most pressure on these joints and can cause sudden jolts. Combine this with having low muscle strength associated with these conditions it makes for an unpleasant experience.

Many people try to alter the way they come down the stairs to compensate for the above. Some find that descending backwards using the same technique as if they were climbing the stairs helps as it reduces the risk of jolts. Others try to go down sideways however the body isn’t designed to go sideways. Neither of these ways are a safe way to tackle stairs and you risk having an even worse fall if you fall backwards.

For anybody who is finding using the stairs increasingly difficult and is changing the way they tackle them, please look at using stair aids instead. They will make both going up and coming down far easier and most importantly, safer. It only takes one bad fall to cause serious, irreparable damage so please consider your safety if it is in question.

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