Why aren’t more people using Stairlifts?

It’s sad but true, there are still many people struggling with stairs in 2021. We explore why more people aren’t using stairlifts.

Combine the majority of housing stock in the UK being houses with multiple levels and an ageing population, more and more people are finding stairs a struggle. So much so that according to the British Standard Institute, there are over 500 deaths per year in the UK and an estimated 250,000 non-fatal accidents from stair-related incidents. With bungalows or appropriate accommodation in short supply, there needs to be a different solution.

The truth is, there is a solution that works however it isn’t being utilised as often as it could be. Obviously, we’re referring to the stairlift. A brilliant innovation that smoothly glides people up and down stairs, giving them independence to use their full home safely once again.

So, why aren’t more people using stairlifts? We’ve listed the reasons that we believe have a bearing on this below:


The stairlift ‘Taboo’

There’s no way to sugar-coat it, there is still a taboo around stairlifts that discourages people. Many still have negative feelings about installing one in their home or are worried about what visitors will think. In an age where we try to automate everything else, we just can’t understand why this technology is perceived differently and think it’s a massive shame that this is holding people back despite the good it will do. Look at many high-end luxury homes for example, many have lifts installed!


Worried about ruining home

Some people believe that the installation of a stairlift will look unsightly or cause damage to their property. This couldn’t be further from the truth, modern stairlifts have come a long way and are neat, unobtrusive, and stylish. Your home will be just the way it was before – just with the bonus of having a helpful stairlift ready to use!


Perception that they’re noisy

Modern stairlifts aren’t noisy at all, they glide along effortlessly and won’t disturb the rest of the household.


Don’t think they have the right staircase

Straight staircase? No problem. Curved staircase? No problem either! Whatever your staircase there will be a solution.


Put it off until forced to act

Some people simply just put it off until the situation is forced upon them. The problem is it can only take one bad fall on the stairs to risk a serious injury or worse. Don’t leave it to the point where you have an accident before you act.


Stairlifts are just for the ‘elderly’

Not everybody who struggles with the stairs are elderly, stairlifts are for people of all ages and backgrounds. This includes recuperating athletes, professionals, teenagers, doctors, pretty much all demographics across society.


Worried about cost

We won’t lie, a stairlift is a significant investment. However, the alternatives are far more costly. If you are struggling to manage in your own home, then you would have to find more practical accommodation. There is a real shortage of affordable bungalows in the UK so you may have to pay over the odds for one in the same area or move to somewhere unfamiliar. You might be surprised to find out that the estimated cost of moving house in 2021 in the UK is £8,951. This figure is based on the average UK property price in 2021 and includes all the necessary fees you will need to pay for a successful move.


If you are unsure if a stairlift is for you, you’re welcome to give us a call or visit our showroom where we can show you a stairlift in more detail and give you a supervised test drive! That way you’ll see just how easy it is to use a stairlift for yourself.

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